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Customer comments

All of the comments for Superfast_Bookstore appear below:

positive comment by William R on May 17, 2019

Quick and professional. Will use again.

positive comment by Emily R on Apr 25, 2019

The book came in excellent condition and arrived really fast. Thank you so much.

positive comment by Lisa S on Apr 15, 2019

Exactly as described; arrived very quickly and packaged well. Thank you.

negative comment by Mark H on Apr 10, 2019

Seller represented one product shipped another. When offered the opportunity to correct the discrepancy they declined.

positive comment by Thomas M on Apr 9, 2019

Everything was fine. The delivery just took for ever.

positive comment by Conrad K on Apr 3, 2019

Great service! When a bookstore claims to be "superfast" right in their name, they're sticking their neck out. But these folks live up to it; my book shipped immediately and arrived in pristine condition. Highly recommended.

negative comment by Joonas on Mar 17, 2019

What's the point?

positive comment by Katherine C on Jan 27, 2019

Arrived with Grisham's The Reckoning. Thank you.

positive comment by Katherine C on Jan 27, 2019

Both arrived yesterday. Fast shipping. Both books nicely packaged. Thank you.

neutral comment by Katherine H on Jan 12, 2019

Ordered 1/02. Via web shipped 1/03. Per USPS not shipped until 1/07 & no tracking information available as of 1/11. This is a gift. Expedited shipping was NOT available from seller. Emailed both Alibris & Seller to no avail. NOT SUPERFAST!!!

negative comment by Lawana C on Jan 10, 2019

Finally receive this book today, Jan. 10, expected date, Jan. 5. Don't know why it took so long to get here via FLA. and Atl. But will rethink about ordering from this company due to delivery time.

negative comment by Mohymin on Jan 10, 2019

this seller should change their work procedure 1. ship earlier as soon as possible(they shipped my book after 8 days when i ordered, and then i got my book 16 day later from order. 2.Should response immediately when customer want to contact via email.

negative comment by Victor D on Jan 6, 2019

WARNING- DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SELLER! I ordered a book and it was not as described. I returned the book. Seller never gave me money back, asked for tracking info. I sent info and seller said I couldn't get a refund. They kept my money and the book!

negative comment by BARBARA H on Jan 5, 2019

Website says that the order shipped on 12/26/18 but haven't rec'd it yet and the tracking says that the USPS is still waiting for the shipment. Needed this book and it hasnt even shipped yet-- ordered Dec 23

negative comment by Jessica D on Jan 4, 2019

Was sent a hardcover instead of paperback , as the description said. Took longer than expected date to arrive, even though it shipped from the same state I live in! Sent an email asking for refund and no reply!!

negative comment by roger k on Dec 21, 2018

STILL have NOT received this book

negative comment by Judy H on Dec 19, 2018

I have not received this book and there is no tracking number . Please find it, ship it or return my money Judy Hughes

negative comment by Carla M on Nov 21, 2018

Your email stated the book shipped on Nov 7th.. I have not rec?d it yet.. the seller has not responded to my email from last week.. can you please find out where my book is asap?

neutral comment by ANDREW C on Nov 2, 2018

They sent me the wrong book and won't give me my refund after they had received the book over two weeks ago.

negative comment by Shankar on Oct 24, 2018

Still did not receive item after one month and no option to return the item.

positive comment by BillT on Oct 7, 2018

As described. Thank you, Superfast_Bookstore.

neutral comment by DAVID K on Sep 25, 2018

Took to long since day of order to receive book. Took 9 days total which I feel is too long when they state they are from New Jersey and I am in New York. Mailing should only take 3 days.

positive comment by DAVID K on Sep 21, 2018

Fast shipping and reasonable price!!!

neutral comment by Rodrigo H on Sep 10, 2018

Why would you put two huge stickers saying "New" on it? It was new before it had those stickers, hard to say that now.

negative comment by evan p on Sep 10, 2018

Only needed this book for end of chapter exercises and they are all different

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