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National Magic Day!

Posted October 31, 2017

Magicians are in the business of keeping secrets, but National Magic Day is something to....

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Our inventory consists of about 11,000 books in select fields such as: magic, circus, music, cinema, literature, western Americana and California history. The main concentration is in the performing arts. The front of our office/warehouse is a magic shop with books and magic tricks.

Aladdin Books was founded in 1982 in Fullerton, California. For 25 years our original brick and mortar shop served as a general used bookstore with an emphasis on movie material, magic (conjuring) and science fiction and fantasy literature. We were fortunate to be trained in the field by two fine bookmen, Jerome Joseph and Al Ralston. The late James Lorson, fellow Fullerton bookseller, graciously provided additional mentoring. We began internet marketing/sales in 1997. In 2007, Aladdin Books relocated their brick and mortar operation from downtown Fullerton to office/showroom/warehouse down the street from our original store. Now we do mostly internet sales, but we welcome customers by appointment also.

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National Magic Day!

Posted by Aladdin Books on October 31, 2017

Magicians are in the business of keeping secrets, but National Magic Day is something to be celebrated with everyone.  In 1927 a “Houdini Day” was established to honor the deceased Harry Houdini who was world renowned for his escapology and full range of stage magic tricks. In 1938,  it was proclaimed October 31st, the day of his death, to be National Magic Day in honor of Harry Houdini.

Today is a day to celebrate Magical Arts!  Be sure to check out our magic book collection for some very interesting items on history of magic, how to do magic, even how to make magical illusions for yourself. 

Have a Happy Halloween!