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San Patricio ()


To delve into history is to reach into mystery. Music is a time-honored method for investigating both. The Chieftains' Paddy Moloney has been obsessed with the historical account of the San Patricios, a band of immigrant Irish soldiers who deserted the American Army during the Mexican-American War in 1846 to fight for the other side, against the Manifest Destiny ideology of James Polk's America. Moloney's Chieftains and co-producer Ry Cooder decided to try to tell it musically. The result brings this fascinatingly complex ...

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  1. La Iguana
  2. La Golondrina
  3. La Orilla de un Palmar
  4. Danza de Concheros
  5. El Chivo
  6. San Campio
  7. The Sands of Mexico
  8. Sailing to Mexico
  9. El Caballo
  10. March to Battle (Across the Rio Grande)
  11. Lullaby for the Dead
  12. Luz de Luna
  13. Persecución de Villa
  14. Canción Mixteca (Intro)
  15. Canción Mixteca
  16. Ojitos Negros
  17. El Relampago
  18. El Pájaro Cu
  19. Finale
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2010 Release



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San Patricio

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