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Of all the poets who came of age during the World War II era, Robert Creeley is one of the most enduring and restless, continually honing his vision, seeking the doorway for language to let itself out, to shower and cover listeners and readers with its beauty and truth, no matter how small and intimate it is -- or how large and terrible. Creeley has made other recordings, one in collaboration with Steve Lacy called Futurities, and another with a group of musicians headed by Steve Swallow and David Torn entitled Have We Told ...

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  1. For Hannah's 14th Birthday
  2. For Will
  3. "Wild Nights, Wild Nights"
  4. "Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang..."
  5. En Famille
  6. Conversion to Her
  7. Clemente's Images
  8. As If
  9. Possibilities
  10. Anya
  11. Thinking
  12. "When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer..."
  13. For the Phi Beta Kappa Ceremony
  14. Cambridge, Mass 1944
  15. Place to Be
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Robert Creeley
2001, Jagjaguwar

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