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Mad Dogs and Englishmen [Avid Easy] ()


"Mad Dogs and Englishmen" is one of the most intriguing phrases ever cooked up by that inestimable wit, Noel Coward (1899-1973). Small wonder that numerous Coward compilations use it as a title, including this double-disc 44-track anthology of '40s and '50s material released by Avid in 2007. It combines Coward's At Las Vegas and In New York albums (occupying the first portion of each disc) with smatterings of his cleverest and catchiest tunes. Although the orchestra conductor on the Vegas album is listed as Carlton Hughes, ...

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  1. Medley: I'll See You Again/Dance Little Lady/Poor Little Rich Girl/A Ro
  2. Uncle Harry
  3. Loch Lomond
  4. A Bar on the Piccolo Marina
  5. World Weary
  6. Nina
  7. Mad Dogs and Englishmen
  8. Matelot
  9. Alice Is at It Again
  10. A Room with a View
  11. Let's Do It
  12. The Party's Over Now
  13. London Pride
  14. Could You Please Oblige Us with a Bren Gun
  15. Imagine the Duchess's Feelings
  16. Don't Let's Be Beastly to the Germans
  17. His Excellency Regrets
  18. Josephine
  19. Don't Make Fun of the Fair
  20. Noel Coward Medley, Pt. 1: I'll See You Again/Dance Little Lady/Poor Li
  21. Noel Coward Medley, Pt. 2: Any Little Fish/You Were There/Someday I'll
  22. There Are Bad Times Just Around the Corner
  23. I Like America
  24. Louisa
  25. Half-Caste Woman
  26. I Went to a Marvellous Party
  27. Time and Again
  28. Why Must the Show Go On?
  29. New York Medley: Let's Say Goodbye/Teach Me to Dance Like Grandma/We We
  30. What's Going to Happen to the Tots?
  31. Sail Away
  32. Wait a Bit, Joe
  33. Twentieth Century Blues
  34. I Wonder What Happened to Him
  35. The Party's Over Now
  36. A Room with a View
  37. Don't Put Your Daughter on the Stage Mrs. Worthington
  38. World Weary
  39. Alice Is at It Again
  40. Someday I'll Find You
  41. Mad Dogs and Englishmen
  42. Poor Little Rich Girl
  43. Uncle Harry
  44. I'll See You Again
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Mad Dogs and Englishmen [Avid Easy]

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