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  1. The Farmer and the Republican Party
  2. Address to the American Indians
  3. Address to the Boys' Progressive League
  4. Inaugural Address
  5. Inaugural Address
  6. Election Eve Campaign Speech
  7. Inaugural Address
  8. Checkers Speech
  9. Presidential Campaign Address
  10. Republican Convention Address
  11. Presidential Debate
  12. Presidential Campaign Address
  13. Address to the Nation
  14. Presidential Campaign Address
  15. Inaugural Address
  16. Resignation Address
  17. Resignation Address
  18. Democratic Convention Acceptance Speech
  19. Inaugural Address
  20. Keynote Address for Democratic Convention
  21. Address to the Democratic Convention
  22. First Recorded Promotional Message on the Edison Phonograph
  23. The German Peril
  24. Address from France
  25. On Lindbergh's Return to the United States
  26. Abdication Address
  27. On His Return from the Munich Conference
  28. On the Occasion of Germany's Occupation of the Sudetenland in ...
  29. Declaration of War With Germany
  30. First Radio Address as Prime Minister
  31. Declaration of War Against Japan
  32. The First Atomic Bomb Attack on Japan
  33. Address to Congress
  34. On the Fall of Dien Bien Phu
  35. Announcement of the Launching of Sputnik
  36. The Cuban Missile Crisis
  37. Confrontation over Presence of Russian Missles in Cuba
  38. On Signing of the Civil Rights Bill
  39. Eulogy for Robert F. Kennedy
  40. The End of the Vietnam War
  41. On Commencement of the Bombing of Iraq; "The World Could Wait No ..."
  42. The Ideal Republic
  43. The Future of Women in Flying
  44. Farewell to Baseball
  45. Address to the Nation on the R.A.F.
  46. Greetings to the Children of England
  47. Farewell to Baseball
  48. Address to Congress
  49. Farewell Address
  50. Inaugural Address
  51. The First American in Earth Orbit
  52. Address to Civil Rights Marchers in Washington, D.C.
  53. Christmas Greeting from Space
  54. The Moon Landing
  55. Address to Congress
  56. Address to the Nation on the Berlin Wall
  57. Address on U.S. Neutrality
  58. Address to the Chicago Irish Fellowship Club
  59. The Kitchen Debate
  60. Farewell to Fans (The Payola Scandal)
  61. Concession Stand
  62. On Black Power
  63. Address to the Yippie Convention
  64. Press Conference on the Riots at the Democratic Convention
  65. Address on Vietnam War Protests
  66. On Releasing the Watergate Tapes
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Great Speeches of the 20th Century [Box Set]
1991, Rhino

UPC: 081227056728


Great Speeches of the 20th Century [Box Set]
1991, Rhino

UPC: 081227056742


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