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Le Canto ()


If one didn't know a word of Spanish, Kari Jobe's Le Canto would sound exactly like what it is: the Spanish-language version of her wildly popular self-titled debut. If you do know Spanish, things are a bit problematic: the songs are often clunky, verbatim renditions of Kari Jobe. What's striking is that Latin Christian music veteran Susana Allen had a hand in the adaptations; you would think she knows her stuff. Jobe, for her part, appears to not mind stuffing too many syllables where they don't belong or singing the weird ...

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  1. Le Canto
  2. Me Sanaste
  3. Gozándome
  4. Bello
  5. Espera
  6. Nunca Paras de Cantar
  7. No Hay Otro Nombre
  8. Tu Bondad
  9. Levántame en Amor
  10. Digno y Santo
  11. Tu Eres para Mí
  12. Tengo Paz en Mi Ser
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