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Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell (1904-1987) wrote classics including The Hero with a Thousand Faces , the four-volume The Masks of God , and Myths to Live By . His televised interview with Bill Moyers introduced his views to millions. Campbell's interest in mythology was sparked by his love of reading about American Indians and visits to New York City's American Museum of Natural History.

Personality Profile For Joseph Campbell

The following is a personality profile of Joseph Campbell based on his work.

Joseph Campbell is shrewd, skeptical and restrained.

He is imaginative, he has a wild imagination. He is authority-challenging as well: he prefers to challenge authority and traditional values to help bring about positive changes. But, Joseph Campbell is also laid-back: he appreciates a relaxed pace in life.

More than most people, his choices are driven by a desire for self-expression.

He is relatively unconcerned with both independence and taking pleasure in life. He welcomes when others direct his activities for him. And he prefers activities with a purpose greater than just personal enjoyment.

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