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Whitey Ford Sings the Blues ()


Saying that Everlast showed a great deal of artistic growth between his first and second solo albums would be a understatement. While 1989/1990's Forever Everlasting was a decent, if uneven, debut, Everlast's second solo album, Whitey Ford Sings the Blues is an amazingly eclectic gem that finds him really pushing himself creatively. Between those two albums, Everlast joined and left House of Pain, which evolved into one of the most distinctive rap groups of the 1990s. While Pain's albums thrived on wildness for its own sake ...

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  1. The White Boy Is Back
  2. Money (Dollar Bill)
  3. Ends
  4. What It's Like
  5. Get Down]
  6. Sen Dog
  7. Tired
  8. Hot to Death
  9. Painkillers
  10. Prince Paul
  11. Praise the Lord
  12. Today (Watch Me Shine)
  13. Guru
  14. Death Comes Callin'
  15. Funky Beat
  16. The Letter
  17. 7 Years
  18. Next Man
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Whitey Ford Sings the Blues
2017, Tommy Boy

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Whitey Ford Sings the Blues
1998, Tommy Boy

UPC: 016998123621


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