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Where Have You Gone ()


Where Have You Gone is the kind of album a veteran artist releases after taking an extended break, a record so stuffed to the brim with new material it can seem like a bit of a flex of strength. Alan Jackson doesn't really do grand gestures, though. He specializes in subtlety and ease, qualities he hardly abandons on Where Have You Gone, a double album that arrives nearly a full six years after his slow-burning Angels and Alcohol. What distinguishes Where Have You Gone is its sheer heft. Jackson doesn't branch out into new ...

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  1. Where Have You Gone
  2. Wishful Drinkin'
  3. I Can Be That Something
  4. Where the Cottonwood Grows
  5. Way Down in My Whiskey
  6. Things That Matter
  7. Livin' on Empty
  8. You'll Always Be My Baby
  9. Where Her Heart Has Always Been
  10. The Boot
  11. Back
  12. Write It in Red
  13. So Late So Soon
  14. This Heart of Mine
  15. A Man Who Never Cries
  16. Chain
  17. I Was Tequila
  18. I Do
  19. Beer:10
  20. The Older I Get
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