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Walk Among Us ()


The Misfits' 1982 debut full-length, Walk Among Us, rapidly became a legendary effort of U.S. punk, the more so because it so willfully violated many rules which were already ironically straitjacketing the scene. Utterly devoid of political confrontation or social uplift, embracing a costume sense that might have given Kiss pause and generally coming across like the horror-movie nightmares they looked like on the cover, the Misfits just wanted to entertain and do their own thing -- and that they did, brilliantly. Nearly ...

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  1. 20 Eyes
  2. I Turned Into a Martian
  3. All Hell Breaks Loose
  4. Vampira
  5. Nike-A-Go-Go
  6. Hatebreeders
  7. Mommy Can I Go Out & Kill Tonight?
  8. Night of the Living Dead
  9. Skulls
  10. Violent World
  11. Devils Whorehouse
  12. Astro Zombies
  13. Braineaters
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Walk Among Us
2000, Rhino/Warner Bros.

UPC: 081227994723


Walk Among Us
2000, Rhino

UPC: 042282881120


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