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Coming off a rough period of personal loss and creative strain after 1999's Evidence of Heaven, William Faith and Monica Richards return to the world that's made them one of the most cherished acts within the goth rock circuit. They're not exclusively goth rock, for their appreciation of neo-classical, folk, and worldbeat compositions also casts a fervor into their own experimental work. Vera Causa celebrates their expansive love for such music, highlighting covers, remixes, outtakes, and live tracks. Faith and the Muse ...

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  1. Cantus
  2. Scars Flown Proud
  3. Sparks
  4. The Silver Circle
  5. All Lovers Lost / Arianrhod
  6. The Unquiet Grave
  7. Annwyn, Beneath the Waves
  8. Elyria
  9. Mercyground
  10. The Silver Circle
  11. Shattered in Aspect
  12. The Sea Angler
  13. Scars Flown Proud
  14. Porphyrogene
  15. Running Up That Hill
  16. Hollow Hills
  17. Soul in Isolation
  18. Romeo's Distress
  19. Drown
  20. Frater Ave Atque Vale
  21. Muted Land
  22. In Dreams of Mine
  23. A Winter Wassail
  24. Patience Worth
  25. Annwyn, Beneath the Waves
  26. All Lovers Lost
  27. The Breath of a Kiss (Never Completed)
  28. Heal
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Vera Causa
2001, Metropolis

UPC: 782388022521


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