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Twenty-Eight Teeth ()


Imagine that Joe Jackson had a younger brother who grew up listening to the punk and ska music of the late '70s (i.e., the Clash, the Specials), moved to California during the skate punk scene, and formed a band with six of his slacker friends, and you've got a good mental picture of the music on Twenty-Eight Teeth. Buck-O-Nine has the three-minute, get-in-get-out punk/pop aesthetic down to a science, which makes you wonder why they haven't hit it big by now. Surely one well-placed "buzzworthy" clip could have put these ...

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  1. Round Kid
  2. Nineteen
  3. Albuquerque
  4. Tear Jerky
  5. I'm the Man
  6. Jennifer's Cold
  7. Steve Was Dead
  8. What Happened to My Radio?
  9. Twenty-Eight Teeth
  10. You Go You're Gone
  11. Peach Fish
  12. Record Store
  13. My Town
  14. Little Pain Inside
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Twenty-Eight Teeth
1997, TVT

UPC: 016581576025


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