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Throw: The Yo-Yo Studio Compilation ()


The lo-fi pop/rock songs on this appealing compilation were all laid down between 1987-1992 at Pat Maley's Yoyo Studios in Olympia, WA. The first track, "Fuck the Rules" by Kicking Giant, would by its placement seem to serve as Throw's manifesto. Not all of the bands are from Olympia -- Superchunk is from North Carolina, the Cannanes are from Australia, and so on -- but all adhere to the same D.I.Y. aesthetic and don't follow the rules for mainstream success (that's still the case for the vast majority of them). Most of the ...

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  1. Fuck the Rules
  2. Queenie
  3. Peel
  4. Candy
  5. Stumbling Block
  6. Scramble Boy
  7. Roman Holiday
  8. Chia Pet
  9. Outta Money
  10. Umbrellafication
  11. One More Safe
  12. Hollowed Out Logs
  13. Spray
  14. After School Special
  15. Baby's Gone
  16. Secret Goldfish
  17. Tell Him to Wait
  18. Bad Seeds
  19. Your Back Yard
  20. Pry
  21. Coming Down
  22. Skip Steps One and Three
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Throw: The Yo-Yo Studio Compilation
2001, Yoyo USA

UPC: 789856600120


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