This Have I Done For My True Love ()

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As rich a recording of the repertoire as has ever been made, this disc of part songs by Gustav Holst should appeal to as wide a choral music audience as possible. Known primarily for The Planets, Holst is occasionally written off as a one-hit wonder, but his effervescent St. Paul Suite, his bleak and fatalistic Egon Heath, and his glorious Hymn to Jesus -- which made his friend Vaughan Williams declare after the premiere that he wanted to go out and drink until he was drunk -- always argue for deeper exploration. The part ...

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  1. Ave Maria, for female chorus, Op. 9b, H. 49
  2. Of one that is so fair, for SATB & chorus, Op. 34/3, H. 130
  3. Carols (2) for chorus, oboe & cello, H. 91: No. 1. A Welcome Song
  4. Old English Carols (4), for chorus & piano, Op. 20b, H. 82: No. 3. Jesu, Thou art the Virgin-born
  5. Carols (2) for chorus, oboe & cello, H. 91: No. 2 Terly, terlow
  6. Lullay my liking, for soprano & chorus, Op. 34/2, H. 129
  7. Bring us in good ale, for chorus, Op. 34/4, H. 131
  8. Diverus and Lazarus, for chorus, H. 137
  9. This have I done for my true love, for chorus, Op. 34/1, H. 128
  10. Songs from The Princess, for female chorus, Op. 20a, H. 80
  11. Home they brought her warrior dead, for female chorus, H. 81
  12. O Spiritual Pilgrim, for soprano & chorus, H. 188
  13. Welsh Folksongs (12), for chorus, H. 183: No. 9. Mae 'nghariad i'n Fenws
  14. Eastern Pictures (2), for female chorus & harp, H. 112
  15. Light Leaves Whisper, for mixed chorus, H. 20
  16. In Youth is Pleasure, for chorus, H. 76
  17. Choral Folk Songs (6) for chorus, Op.36b, H. 136
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This Have I Done For My True Love
2004, Hyperion

UPC: 034571151717


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