The Rod McKuen Collection 1956-1994 ()


The Rod McKuen Collection 1956-1994 is an inexpensive box set that packages together five CDs that are otherwise available individually: At Carnegie Hall, Speaking of Love, At the Movies, The French Connection, and Early Harvest. The collections are unusually well done by Laserlight's standards; each disc has a generous number of original recordings and detailed liner notes. While At Carnegie Hall and Early Harvest are strong albums, the others are for serious fans only. An enormous amount of McKuen's music and poetry ...

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  1. Overture: The World I Used to Know/Jean/Joanna/I'll Catchg the Sun/Lis
  2. Kaleidoscope
  3. Ally, Ally Oxen Free
  4. I'll Catch the Sun
  5. I've Been to Town
  6. Everybody's Rich But Us
  7. A Cat Named Sloopy
  8. Bend Down and Touch Me
  9. Joanna
  10. The Things Men Do
  11. Stanyan Street
  12. If You Go Away
  13. Seasons in the Sun
  14. Champion Charlie Brown
  15. Love's Been Good to Me
  16. Do It Yourself Protest Songs & Don't Ban the Bomb
  17. The Ivy That Clings to the Wall
  18. People on Their Birthdays
  19. The Complete Madame Butterfly
  20. Amsterdam
  21. Play Off: The World I Used to Know/Happy Birthday
  22. Jean
  23. Closing Remarks
  24. Pushing the Clouds Away
  25. Out Beyond the Window
  26. The Yellow Unicorn
  27. Stations & Trains
  28. Now I Have the Time
  29. Capri in July
  30. Kearny Street
  31. So Long San Francisco
  32. Cowboys/Cheyenne
  33. Jim Jann
  34. Six Songs for the Sun
  35. Gifts from the Sea
  36. While Drifting
  37. Night/A Newly Painted Bench
  38. The Art of Catching Trains
  39. To Watch the Trains
  40. Song Without Words
  41. Camera/Thread of Hope
  42. So Long San Francisco (Reprise)
  43. Kearny Street
  44. Après Vous
  45. Hills Draw Nearer
  46. The Poet in Mid Song
  47. Pastures Green
  48. Flanders Field
  49. Run to Me, Fly to Me
  50. A Boy Named Charlie Brown
  51. Lonely Winter
  52. Petula in Green Waters (Lloyd's Room)
  53. Saturday Night in Knightsbridge
  54. When Am I Ever Going Home
  55. Thetinkling Piano in the Next Apartment
  56. To Know You Is to Love You
  57. Isn't It Something
  58. The Russians March on Berlin
  59. The Ivy That Clings to the Wall
  60. Jean
  61. And How
  62. Rose
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The Rod McKuen Collection 1956-1994
1992, Laserlight

UPC: 018111599320


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