The Nguni Sound: South Africa & Swaziland 1955, '57, '58 ()


Drawn from Hugh Tracey's extensive field recordings, Nguni Sound spotlights the pastoral peoples (the Xhusa, Zulu, Swati, Baca, and Mpondo) from the southeast coast of Africa. Tracey was an amateur musicologist who spent nearly 40 years recording the music of sub-Saharan Africa, and unlike most professionals doing similar work, he had no particular thesis to prove, and simply recorded whatever caught his interest, which led to a level of vitality and variety rare in most field recordings. The tracks collected here were done ...

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  1. Inkulu Into Ezakwenzeka (Something Bad Is Going to Happen)
  2. Umalilela Imango Ingasiyo Yakho (You Are Envious of Someone Else's ...)
  3. Ikostina (The Concertina)
  4. Wolala (A Man's Name)
  5. Abathandani Ngumasingili (Their Love for Each Other Is Exalted)
  6. Ndemka Nehlungulwana (I've Gone With the Hawk)
  7. Ulele Matshawuza (Matshuwuza Is Asleep)
  8. Tsholoza
  9. Bayathetha Bantwana Ndinendaba (The Children Are Saying I Have News)
  10. Isigqumza (My Blanket)
  11. Ubengalahl' Iinkomo (You Did Not Waste Your Cattle)
  12. La Mna Ndigula Ngohlanya (I'm Sick With Madness)
  13. Ulalele Ke Mbhemu (Are You Listening, Friend?)
  14. Unonkala (Mr. Crab)
  15. Ilizwe Lifile Kuzimfazwe Zodwa (The Country Is Dead, There Is Only ...)
  16. Kuyashisa Emqhobo (It Is Hot at Mqhobo)
  17. Ngazula Ezintabeni (I Wandered Over the Hills)
  18. Emalomeni (At the Roman Catholics)
  19. Two Flute Tunes: Umfazi Ohluph' Ingane (The Woman Who Ill Treats a ...)
  20. Ngimthanda Nje Muhle (I Love Him, He Is So Handsome)
  21. Babe Lidzela Nyoni (Father Worries About the Bird)
  22. Incaba Ka Ncofula (The Fortress of Ncofula)
  23. Lezontaba (Those Mountains)
  24. Myekelen' Ahlome Ka la Kubeka (Let Him Arm Himself Because of What ...)
  25. Mthombeni (A Girl's Name)
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The Nguni Sound: South Africa & Swaziland 1955, '57, '58

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