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The Melody Ranch Girl ()


The five-disc box set The Melody Ranch Girl collects all 151 tracks that Jean Shepard recorded for Capitol Records between 1952 and 1964. Shepard's recordings for Capitol were undeniably her best -- by and large, this is fiery, passionate honky tonk. All of her hits from this era, from "A Dear John Letter" and "A Satisfied Mind" to "Beautiful Lies" and "Second Fiddle (To An Old Guitar)," are included, as are several rarities, outtakes, and complete albums, including Songs of a Love Affair, one of the first country concept ...

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  1. Twice the Lovin' (In Half the Time)
  2. Crying Steel Guitar Waltz
  3. Keep It a Secret
  4. Nobody Else Can Love You Like I Do
  5. I'd Rather Die Young
  6. A Dear John Letter
  7. My Wedding Ring
  8. With All These Memories
  9. Forgive Me, John
  10. Why Did You Wait
  11. Why Did You Wait
  12. You'll Come Crawlin'
  13. The Mysteries of Life
  14. Let's Kiss and Try Again
  15. The Glass That Stands Beside You
  16. Two Whoops and a Holler
  17. Don't Fall in Love With a Married Man
  18. What'll You Have
  19. It Tickles
  20. Please Don't Divorce Me
  21. Did You Tell Her About Me
  22. Don't Rush Me
  23. You Sent Her an Orchid (You Sent Me a Rose)
  24. Take Possession
  25. A Satisfied Mind
  26. Beautiful Lies
  27. I Thought of You
  28. You're Calling Me Sweetheart Again
  29. He Loved Me Once and He'll Love Me Again
  30. Girls in Disgrace
  31. This Has Been Your Life
  32. Just Give Me Love
  33. Thank You Just the Same
  34. Over and Over
  35. Tell Me What I Want to Hear
  36. Shadows on the Wall
  37. I'll Thank You All My Life
  38. I Learned It All from You
  39. Hello Old Broken Heart
  40. Sad Singin' and Slow Ridin'
  41. It's Hard to Tell the Married from the Free
  42. Did I Turn Down a Better Deal
  43. A Passing Love Affair
  44. I Married You for Love
  45. I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes
  46. Be Honest With Me
  47. Under Suspicion
  48. I Want to Go Where No One Knows Me
  49. Tomorrow I'll Be Gone
  50. If You Can Walk Away
  51. Go on, Go On
  52. I Lost You After All
  53. It Scares Me Half to Death
  54. You're Just the Kind of Guy
  55. Too Late With the Roses
  56. The Other Woman
  57. Memory
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The Melody Ranch Girl

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