The Definitive Collection 1983-1997 ()


Steve Earle's tenure at MCA Records has seemingly been anthologized to death by now, with seven compilations drawn from his MCA material already on the market at this writing, so one might wonder what the point would be of putting out another one. However, 2006's The Definitive Collection 1983-1997 at least makes an honest effort to live up to its title by also offering a brief look at his work before and after he signed with MCA. While the bulk of this disc concerns itself with Earle's first three albums -- and six ...

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  1. Nothin' But You
  2. Guitar Town
  3. Good Ol' Boy (Gettin' Tough)
  4. Fearless Heart
  5. Hillbilly Highway
  6. Goodbye's All We've Got Left
  7. Someday
  8. I Ain't Ever Satisfied
  9. The Week of Living Dangerously
  10. Copperhead Road
  11. Snake Oil
  12. Devil's Right Hand
  13. Billy Austin
  14. Goodbye
  15. Valentine's Day
  16. Ellis Unit One
  17. I Feel Alright
  18. Christmas in Washington
  19. Telephone Road
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