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The Art of the Recorder ()

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To listen to the 1970s recordings of David Munrow and his Early Music Consort of London is to realize how pivotal they were in transforming early music from an academic specialty into a living performance tradition. The performances are based on thorough academic research, but they are varied, vital, and enthusiastic, meant for concert audiences rather than academic meetings. And the Early Music Consort of London roster is packed with future stars.This two-CD set offers the complete contents of what was originally a double ...

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  1. English Dance (13th century)
  2. Saltarellos 1-4 (GB-LBl Add.29987)
  3. Een Vroylic Wesen for 3 voices
  4. Voyant souffrir
  5. Troys jeunes bourgeoises
  6. Alex souspirs
  7. Amour me voyant
  8. Browning a 5, for instrumental consort ("The Leaves Bee Greene")
  9. Sic semper soleo
  10. Work(s): Pavan
  11. Work(s): Galliard
  12. The Choise, almain
  13. Muy Linda, for viol consort
  14. Sonata for 7 flutes
  15. Fantasia upon a ground, for 3 violins (or recorders) & continuo in D major/F major, Z. 731
  16. Concerto for 2 violins in tromba marina, 2 recorders, 2 mandolins, 2 chalumeaux, 2 theorbos, cello, strings & continuo in C major, RV
  17. Concerto for recorder, strings & continuo No. 2 in D major, "For Sixth Flute"
  18. Acis and Galatea, oratorio, HWV 49: O ruddier that the cherry
  19. Cantata No. 208, "Was mir behagt" ("Hunt Cantata"), BWV 208 (BC G1, G3): Schafe können sicher weiden
  20. Cantata No. 106, "Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit," ("Actus Tragicus"), BWV 106 (BC B18): Sonatina
  21. Magnificat, for 5 voices, 5-part chorus, orchestra & continuo in D major, BWV 243 (BC E14): Esurientes
  22. Under the Greenwood Tree
  23. La Muséte de Choisi, for harpsichord (Pièces de clavecin, III, 15e ordre)
  24. La Muséte de Taverni, for harpsichord (Pièces de clavecin, III, 15e ordre)
  25. Scherzo, for recorder quartet
  26. Trio for recorders
  27. The White-Throated Warbler, for recorder & harpsichord
  28. Recorder Music, for recorder & tape
  29. Saltarellos 1-4 (GB-LBl Add.29987)
  30. Shepherd's Tune
  31. Saltarellos 1-4 (GB-LBl Add.29987)
  32. Dame, se vous m'estés lointeinne, ballade for voice
  33. Au tans d'aost, pastourelle (from Chansonnier Cangé)
  34. A prisai qu'en chantant plour, chanson (from the Chansonnier Cangé)
  35. Owe daz nach liebe ergat
  36. Du tres douz non a la Virge Marie (chanson Mariale)
  37. Gracïeusette, virelai
  38. Ben volgra, s'esser poges, dance
  39. English Te Deum
  40. Quant je voi yver
  41. Ay schonsolata ed moroso, madrigal
  42. Estampie from the Robertsbridge fragment
  43. Jolivité et bone amor, chanson
  44. Ellend du hast umbfangen mich, chorale prelude for organ
  45. Untarn slaf tut den sumer wol, fanfare
  46. Gloria ad modum tubae, for 4 voices
  47. De moi doleros vos chant
  48. Das Nachthorn
  49. Maria muoter reinû maît, geisslerlied
  50. Dy trumpet, D15
  51. Qui porroit un guierredon, lai (from Chansonnier Cangé)
  52. Dance tune (attrib.)
  53. O Roma nobilis, goliard melody
  54. Nobilis humilis, hym to St. Magnus (Orkney Isles)
  55. Tanto soavemente, madrigal for 2 voices
  56. Di novo è giunto un chavalier errante, madrigal for 2 voices
  57. Amours que porra, chanson
  58. Cantiga de Santa María 249, Aquel que de voontade Santa María servir
  59. Quant je sui mis su retour, virelai for voice
  60. English Dance (13th century)
  61. La Septime Estampie Real
  62. Po' che da te mi convien, ballata for 2 voices, S. 16
  63. Comment qu'a moy lonteinne, virelai for voice
  64. Quant ie le voi / Bon vin doit / cis chans veult boire, motet
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The Art of the Recorder
2005, Testament

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