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The Art of the Netherlands ()

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David Munrow and his Early Music Consort of London are the fountainhead of the English historically informed performance practice movement and a prime example of their work is this classic 1975 recording, The Art of the Netherlands. Among the exceptional young performers who went on to stellar careers are countertenor James Bowman and tenors Martyn Hill and Rogers Covey-Crump, and Christopher Hogwood, freshly down from Oxford, sits at the organ. But the key figure here is Munrow, the youthful polymath who combined ...

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  1. Scaramella va alla guerra, song for 4 parts
  2. Allegez moi, song for 6 parts
  3. Allegez moy, doulce plaisant brunette, for 2 lutes
  4. El grillo, song for 4 parts
  5. Donna di dentro/Dammene up pocho/Fortuna d'un gran tempo, song for 4 voices
  6. De tous biens plaine, chanson
  7. De tous biens pleine, motet for 4 parts
  8. De tous bein plaine I a 3
  9. De tous bein plaine II a 3
  10. Du Tout Plongiet/Fors Seulement
  11. Mijn morken gaf mij een jonck wiff, song
  12. Ghy syt die wertste boven al
  13. Ein fröhlich wesen, chanson for 3 or 4 voices
  14. Ein fröhlich wesen, for keyboard
  15. Ein fröhlich wesen, for 4 voices
  16. Prenez sur moi, chanson for 3 voices
  17. Ma bouche rit, chanson for 3 voices
  18. Guillaume se va chaufer
  19. Adieu mes amours, song for 4 parts
  20. Adieu mes amours, for keyboard
  21. Fortuna desperata
  22. Fortuna desperata
  23. Fortuna Desperata
  24. Missa sine nomine, for 3 voices No. 1: Kyrie
  25. Missa "Et Ecce Terrae Motus," for 12 voices: Gloria
  26. Credo "De tous biens playne", for 4 parts
  27. Missa 'Ave sanctissima Maria': Sanctus
  28. Missa La bassadanza: Agnus Dei
  29. Haec Deum caeli, for 5 voices
  30. O bone Jesu
  31. De profundis, motet for 5 parts
  32. Benedicta es, coelourum regina, motet for 6 parts
  33. Nesciens Mater Virgo Virum, for 8 voices
  34. Inviolata integra et casta es Maria, for ensemble
  35. Intemerata Dei mater, motet for 5 voices
  36. Laudemus nunc Dominum/Non est hic aliud, motet for 5 voices
  37. Ave sanctissima Maria
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The Art of the Netherlands
2010, Virgin Classics

UPC: 5099962849722


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