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Tectonics ()


Just as the disparate styles in electronic dance began drifting, like continents, so far apart it seemed unlikely they'd ever be within hailing distance of each other again, one of Britain's brightest young DJs brought them all back into the fold. On Tectonics, Adam Freeland compiled a selection of tracks that hark to techno as much as trance, house as much as breakbeat, and made a fresh form out of the strengths of many different styles. Freeland simultaneously assimilates the mid-tempo breakbeats and analog paranoia of ...

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  1. Chronologic
  2. Pig Chase
  3. Tectonics
  4. Isokora
  5. Bangin'
  6. Impulse Transmission
  7. Hip Hop Phenomenon
  8. Liposuction]
  9. My Mind
  10. Stitch Up
  11. Freak Frequency
  12. Deep South
  13. Juvenile Delinquent
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2000, Ultra Records

UPC: 617465105623


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