Te Acordarás de Mí ()


Te Acordarás de Mí, released in 1998, is where Olga Tañón's discography begins to go astray. Here she leaves behind the consistently thrilling (and chart-topping) tropical music she'd enjoyed for several albums, namely Mujer de Fuego, Siente el Amor..., and Llévame Contigo. She'd done this once before, releasing an album of Marco Antonio Solís songs, Nuevos Senderos, in 1996. Instead of releasing another album of regional Mexican-styled music, however -- and a modest, enjoyable one at that, as Nuevos Senderos had been -- ...

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  1. Tu Amor
  2. Engáñame
  3. Cómo Pude Haber Vivido Sin Ti
  4. Escondidos
  5. Hielo y Fuego
  6. Diálogo Mudo
  7. El Niño
  8. Te Acordarás de Mí
  9. La Magia del Ritmo
  10. Déjame Aprender
  11. Voy Sacarte de Mi Mente (King of Wishful Thinking)
  12. Un Hombre y Una Mujer
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Te Acordarás de Mí
1998, WEA International

UPC: 639842509824


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