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Sunburn is not just the Blake Babies' best album, it's in many ways the last great college rock album, the album that's the pinnacle of the U.S. indie guitar scene of the late '80s, and the album that exemplifies what "alternative" meant in those pre-Nevermind days when the term was actually understood to mean something. Juliana Hatfield, John Strohm, and Freda Love (puckishly billed here as Freda Boner) create a literate, emotionally direct brand of catchy, melodic pop based on the post-punk jangle pop of the '80s, but ...

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  1. I'm Not Your Mother
  2. Out There
  3. Star
  4. Look Away
  5. Sanctify
  6. Girl in a Box
  7. Train
  8. I'll Take Anything
  9. Watch Me Now, I'm Calling
  10. Gimme Some Mirth
  11. Kiss and Make Up
  12. A Million Years
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2001, Hollywood

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