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Norton's Stone Age Woo: The Zorch Sounds of Nervous Norvus is a long-overdue collection of the novelty songs and song-poem demos of "Singing" Jimmy Drake, whose wilder moments were ascribed to Nervous Norvus. The album features not only his best-known songs, the "Dot Six" (including the million-selling novelty classic "Transfusion"), but many, many other songs, including some that existed only as single-copy or small-pressing acetates. Most excitingly for die-hard Nervous Norvus fans, Stone Age Woo also includes the ...

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  1. Transfusion
  2. Dig
  3. Ape Call
  4. Wild Dogs of Kentucky
  5. The Fang
  6. Bullfrog Hop
  7. Stoneage Woo
  8. I Like Girls
  9. Does a Chinese Chicken Have a Pigtail?
  10. Noon Balloon to Rangoon
  11. Kibble Kobble (The Flying Saucer Song)
  12. The Lean Green Vegetable Fiend (From 'Tuther Side of the Moon)
  13. Little Cowboy
  14. The Blackout Song
  15. Kangaroo Hop
  16. I Listen to Red in Bed
  17. Sparks
  18. I Hate Bugs
  19. The Clock Shop
  20. I'm Waitin' Up for Santa Claus
  21. Boris the Blue Nosed Baboon
  22. When I Hear the Honkin' of the Diesel Train
  23. Ape Call ("No Ape")
  24. The Bully Bully Man
  25. Elvis You're a G.I. Now
  26. Stop Your Foolin
  27. Pony-Tail
  28. I'm Comin' Home My Baby
  29. The New Beat and Step
  30. The Clock Shop
  31. The Evil Hurricane
  32. The Plaster Song
  33. Sparks
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Stone Age Woo
2004, Norton

UPC: 731253030321


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