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Sparrow comes on slowly, almost stately, unfolding with a deliberate crawl of piano and strings that instantly separates it from Ashley Monroe's first two albums. It's a sign that Monroe has changed producers, switching from her longtime supporter Vince Gill to Dave Cobb, the hottest producer in Nashville in the back half of the 2010s. Part of Cobb's strength is allowing artists to explore within the confines of a commercially appealing production, and that's precisely what Sparrow is: soul-baring songs given a sumptuous ...

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  1. Orphan
  2. Hard on a Heart
  3. Hands on You
  4. Mother's Daughter
  5. Rita
  6. Wild Love
  7. This Heaven
  8. I'm Trying To
  9. She Wakes Me Up (Rescue Me)
  10. Paying Attention
  11. Daddy I Told You
  12. Keys to the Kingdom
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2018, Warner Bros.

UPC: 093624908982


2018, Warner Bros.

UPC: 093624908999


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