South African Freedom Songs ()


South African Freedom Songs is a two-disc set, with one disc collecting 25 field recordings of songs and chants used in the long antiapartheid struggle, while the second disc is a radio documentary providing an overview of the songs, commenting on their history and evolution and context in the antiapartheid movement. These songs were sung at meetings, mass rallies, fund raisers, and demonstrations, and while the sound is remarkably good, listeners should be aware that the source materials were often well-used vinyl and ...

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  1. Introduction
  2. Power of Freedom Songs
  3. Roots of Freedom Songs
  4. Church Influence
  5. 1948-1960
  6. Vuyislile Mini
  7. 1960-1976: Influence of the Armed Struggle
  8. Post-June 16th
  9. Toyi Toyi
  10. Women
  11. Role of Freedom Songs in the Liberation of the Nation
  12. Conclusion
  13. Rolihlahla]
  14. Sizakuba Dubula
  15. Sizo Ngena]
  16. Naants' Indod' Emnyama
  17. Skokela Tambo
  18. Ilizwe Ngelethu]
  19. Somlandela]
  20. U-Machel]
  21. Sobashiya Abazale]
  22. Welele]
  23. Freedom Charter]
  24. Izakunyatheli Afrika
  25. Shayalan Amabala]
  26. Ayanquikaza]
  27. Toyi Toyi]
  28. Wobaleka]
  29. E Rile]
  30. Malibongwe]
  31. Ha Ke Sheba]
  32. Umkhonto]
  33. Golomende Senzeni]
  34. Hamba Kahle Umkhonto]
  35. Nkosi Siskel Iafrika
  36. Makubenjalo]
  37. Toyi Toyi Beat]
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