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Sailors' Songs & Sea Shanties ()


First, there is a difference between sailors' songs and sea shanties, a difference in utility. A shanty is a work song with generally simple lines followed by a unison chorus that helped sailors complete tasks that required some degree of coordinated timing. A sailors' song, on the other hand, was designed for leisurely consumption, and was generally much longer, and told a story, and its business was to entertain. The difference between the two is easily apparent as one listens to this interesting set of maritime pieces, ...

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  1. Blood Red Roses
  2. The Dreadnought
  3. The Cruel Ship's Captain
  4. Row Bullies Row
  5. Santy Anna
  6. Lowlands Away
  7. Boston Harbour
  8. Do Me Ama
  9. The Handsome Cabin Boy
  10. Poor Old Horse
  11. The Sailboat 'Malarkey'
  12. Away Haul Away
  13. The Coast of Peru
  14. The Gauger
  15. Andrew Rose
  16. A Hundred Years Ago
  17. The Gallant Frigate Amphitrite
  18. Reuben Ranzo
  19. The Flying Cloud
  20. Lord Franklin
  21. Paddy Doyle
  22. Sally Racket
  23. The Ship in Distress
  24. Haul on the Bowline
  25. Stormalong
  26. Bring 'Em Down
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Sailors' Songs & Sea Shanties
2004, Topic

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