Putumayo Presents: Latin Party


Some compilations don't really live up to what their titles advertise. A compilation might bill itself as metal-oriented when the material barely qualifies as hard rock; or, it might bill itself as '50s doo wop when the selections have more to do with '50s rockabilly. But Putumayo Presents: Latin Party really does deliver what its title promises. This is Latin music that is also party music, and a festive mood prevails throughout this 48-minute CD. Of course, the term "Latin music" can mean a wide variety of things; Latin ...

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  1. Big Apple Boogaloo
  2. Buena Suerta
  3. Son de Nueva York
  4. Electric Boogaloo
  5. Rico Montuno
  6. Asi Se Compone Un Son
  7. Las Calles de Medellín
  8. Cumbia del Caribe
  9. Mi Gente
  10. Regi Bugalú
  11. Ni Tilingo Ni Titingo
  12. Yírí Yírí Bon
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Putumayo Presents: Latin Party
2010, Putumayo

UPC: 790248030029


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