Plastic Silver 9-Volt Heart ()


On their fifth album since 1993, New Orleans' Iguanas swing even closer to the Latin/Mexican Los Lobos sound they have referenced previously. The more prominent yet still bubbling-under percussion and a low-boil, near ominous feel on tracks like "Mexican Candy" can easily be mistaken for East L.A.'s Lobos. This album could be the Iguanas' Kiko, with the band's two saxes wrapping around these tracks and enveloping them with a smoldering yet smooth R&B flavor. Although there are a few upbeat rockers like "Zacatecas" and "I ...

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  1. Yesterday
  2. Machete y Maiz
  3. Mexican Candy
  4. Flame On
  5. 9 Volt Heart
  6. Sugar Cane
  7. Zacatecas
  8. The First Kiss Is Free
  9. I Dig You
  10. The Liquor Dance
  11. Abandonado
  12. Avion
  13. Goodbye Again #
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