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This release from Twin Sisters helps kids learn the sounds and rhythms of consonants and vowels. The set works on repetition, introducing each set of letters with a lighthearted, easy-to-follow jingle. Then, each letter gets its moment in the sun, as a female leader asks a kid to repeat each pronunciation. Phonics is rated for children ages 4 through 7; a full lyric sheet is included. ~ Johnny Loftus, Rovi

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  1. The Consonant Song
  2. The Letter "B"
  3. The Letter "C" (Hard & Soft)
  4. The Letter "D"
  5. The Letter "F"
  6. Consonant Review for "B, C, D, F"
  7. The Letter "G" (Hard & Soft)
  8. The Letter "H"
  9. The Letter "J"
  10. The Letter "K"
  11. Consonant Review for "G, H, J, K"
  12. The Letter "L"
  13. The Letter "M"
  14. The Letter "N"
  15. The Letter "P"
  16. Consonant Review for "L, M, N, P"
  17. The Letter "Q"
  18. The Letter "R"
  19. The Letter "S"
  20. The Letter "T"
  21. Consonant Review for "Q, R, S, T"
  22. The Letter "V"
  23. The Letter "W"
  24. The Letter "X"
  25. The Letter "Y"
  26. The Letter "Z"
  27. Consonant Review for "V, W, X, Y, Z"
  28. The Short Vowel Song
  29. The Short Sound of "A"
  30. The Short Sound of "E"
  31. The Short Sound of "I"
  32. The Short Sound of "O"
  33. The Short Sound of "U"
  34. A Short Vowel Story
  35. The Long Vowel Song
  36. The Long Sound of "A"
  37. The Long Sound of "E"
  38. The Long Sound of "I"
  39. The Long Sound of "O"
  40. The Long Sound of "U"
  41. A Long Vowel Story
  42. "Y" as a Vowel
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2002, Twin Sisters

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2000, Twin Sisters

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