Peacemaker's Journey ()


Joanne Shenandoah is a woman of great strength and stature among her extended family -- the Oneida tribe of the Iroquois Nation. Peacemaker's Journey is based on the legend of Skennanrahowi, a man born of immaculate conception, who united the tribes of the Iroquois Nation into the first concept of the United Nations. The detailed liner notes relate the myth and the miracles within. Shenandoah and Tom Wasinger, her frequent co-producer and collaborator, have created this Native American treasure without the use of cedar ...

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  1. The Peacemaker Is Born
  2. The Good Message
  3. Mother of Nations
  4. Tadodaho (Snake in His Hair)
  5. Aiionwatha Creates Wampum
  6. Aiionwatha Forgives
  7. Planting the Tree of Peace
  8. The Eagle Watches
  9. The Great Law of Peace
  10. You Will Have Peace
  11. Peace and Power
  12. All the Earth Will See
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Peacemaker's Journey
2000, Silver Wave

UPC: 021585092327


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