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Party Crasher ()


Another 30 rockabilly obscurities from Germany's Buffalo Bop label, led off by the delightfully brainless "Jugue" by Johnny Amelio, originally released on Blue Moon records back in the primordial days of rock & roll -- Amelio's even more raucous and less cerebral "Jo Ann -- Jo Ann" churns up the middle of this collection with his raw vocals and raunchy guitar. Paul Ballenger's "I Hear Thunder" is more subtle, and Bill Bell's 1959 "Little Bitty Girl" sounds like a salacious variation on "Peggy Sue" played by a band on ...

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  1. Jugue
  2. Let's Have a Ball
  3. I Hear Thunder
  4. Little Bitty Girl
  5. Stop! I Like It
  6. It's You I Love
  7. Jammin' Granny
  8. You Know
  9. Race With the Devil
  10. Freeloaders
  11. Rock to the Top
  12. Jo Ann-Jo Ann
  13. Kangaroo
  14. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
  15. I've Got a Feelin'
  16. You Hurt Me So
  17. Turned on the Ice
  18. Gee Whiz Liz
  19. Dancing Dan
  20. Lazy Lu
  21. Baby "Oh" Baby
  22. Destination Love
  23. Teen Age Party
  24. Don't Let Go
  25. I Wanna Dance
  26. Linda Lee
  27. Skinnie Minnie Shimmy
  28. Dig Me a Crazy Record
  29. Granny Went Rockin'
  30. Turkey Neck Stretch
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