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Our Souls Have Grown Deep Like the Rivers ()


Over the years, Rhino Records has proven that it can release well-thought-out and well-produced collections of spoken work recordings. With Our Souls Have Grown Deep Like the Rivers, the company has proven yet again its ability to produce a well-balanced and fascinating collection. Spanning from 1919 to 1999, this double album collects some of the finest recordings of African-American poetry available, and lingers not too long in the territories of the old and the young. Indeed, the selections on Our Souls Have Grown Deep ...

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  1. The Negro Speaks of Rivers
  2. I, Too
  3. The Atlanta Years
  4. If We Must Die
  5. St. Isaac's Church, Petrograd
  6. The Tropics in New York
  7. The Creation
  8. We to America
  9. Nocturne at Bethesda
  10. Heritage
  11. Dark Symphony
  12. Ma Rainey
  13. Strong Men
  14. For My People
  15. Kissie Lee
  16. The Mother
  17. Dream Montage: Tell Me, Good Morning; Harlem; Same in Blues; Commen
  18. We Real Cool (Continued)
  19. Those Winter Sundays
  20. Fredrick Douglass
  21. Sepia Fashion Show
  22. To a Man
  23. Freedon Suite
  24. Crusoe's Island
  25. Dahomey
  26. In Memoriam: Martin Luther King, Jr.
  27. Run Nigger]
  28. Admonitions
  29. Nikki Rosa
  30. A Dance for Militant Dilettantes
  31. Dear John, Dear Coltrane
  32. Rueben, Rueben
  33. My House
  34. Flight to Canada
  35. Betty's Ball Blues
  36. Wounded in the House of a Friend
  37. Song No. 2
  38. A Poem for Players
  39. Muhammad Ali at the Ringside, 1985
  40. Hard Rock Returns to Prison from the Hospital for the Criminal Insane
  41. The Idea of Ancestry
  42. Bang, Bang Outishly
  43. Rhythim Blues
  44. Shazam Doowah
  45. The End of Civilization as We Know It
  46. Cruelty (Continued)
  47. Lucy (Pt. 6) (Continued)
  48. Endangered Species List Blues
  49. I Live for My Car
  50. Nigger Rhythm Rhymes from the Blues Part of Town, Pt. 4
  51. Lester Leaps in (Continued)
  52. Poem for Magic
  53. I Am She
  54. Tuskegee Airfield
  55. Facing It
  56. Venus's-Flytraps
  57. Rise up Fallen Fighters (Okra Takes up With a Rastafari Man/She ...)
  58. A Poem to Thrill the Naacp, or a Black Family Moves to the Suburbs
  59. Helen
  60. Nocturne
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Our Souls Have Grown Deep Like the Rivers
2000, Rhino

UPC: 081227801229


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