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  1. Orpheus I am
  2. La lira d'Orfeo, opera: Ma, divertim'io voglio
  3. Orpheus with his lute
  4. Come woeful Orpheus, madrigal for 5 voices (SSATB)
  5. Als Orpheus schlug sein Instrument (Erster Theil Allerhand Oden und Lieder)
  6. Euridice, opera: Antri ch' a miei lamenti
  7. Nachtklag (Opitianischer Orpheus)
  8. Al fonte, al prato
  9. Filli mia, Filli dolce
  10. La favola d'Orfeo, opera, SV 318: Vi ricorda ò boschi ombrosi
  11. Orfeo, opera: Les pleurs d'Orphée ayant perdu sa femme
  12. Breake now my heart and dye, Oh, no, she may relent, for voice & bass viol
  13. Oft Have I Sigh'd for Him That Heares Me Not for voice, lute & bass viol (Thrid Book of Ayres)
  14. Euridice, opera: Non piango
  15. Jetztund kommt die Nacht herbei (Opitianischer Orpheus)
  16. Passacagli, for harpsichord (Medici Cembalo-Buch)
  17. Charon, the peaceful shade invites (from "Prophetess"), soprano aria, Z. 627/6
  18. L'Orfeo Dolente, opera in 5 intermedi: Numi d'Abisso
  19. Toccata Seconda & Ligature per l'Arpa, for keyboard (or harp) (Book 2)
  20. La favola d'Orfeo, opera, SV 318: Qual honor
  21. Le Trésor d'Orphée: Prélude 4
  22. Ach Liebste, lass uns eilen (Opitianischer Orpheus)
  23. Euridice, opera: Gioite al canto mio
  24. Orpheus die Harfen schlug so fein, madrigal for voices & continuo
  25. La lira d'Orfeo, opera: Al suon di questo lira
  26. Wann sich der werte Gast (Opitianischer Orpheus)
  27. The Indian Nightingale (John Walsh's The Bird Fancyers Delight)
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Orpheus: Songs, Arias & Madrigals
2018, CPO

UPC: 761203516827


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