One More Time: The Chess Years ()


Put on Billy Stewart's One More Time: The Chess Years. When you hear Bo Diddley's opening guitar on "Billy Blues," you know you're listening to something special. Billy Stewart ices the cake with a hiccuping, apologetic vocal. That lovely guitar melody was plagiarized and reappeared as "Love Is Strange," a big hit for Mickey & Sylvia. It doesn't get much better than "Strange Feeling," a warm, floating song about the joys of new love. "I Do Love You" is a creamily concocted ballad; Stewart sings as if in a trance, playing ...

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  1. Billy's Blues, Pt. 2
  2. Fat Boy
  3. Reap What You Sow
  4. Sugar and Spice
  5. Strange Feeling
  6. Count Me Out
  7. I Do Love You
  8. Keep Lovin'
  9. Sitting in the Park
  10. Love Me
  11. Summertime
  12. How Nice It Is
  13. Because I Love You
  14. Every Day I Have the Blues
  15. Secret Love
  16. Cross My Heart
  17. One More Time
  18. Golly Golly Gee]
  19. Tell Me the Truth
  20. I'm in Love (Oh, Yes I Am)
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