Nightingales & Bombers ()


The album that was Manfred Mann's commercial breakthrough was a departure from the previous albums made with the Earth Band. Though the personnel are the same and the musicianship is as mind-blowing as ever, the songs are shorter and punchier, in some cases more poppy. This is not to say that the band had sacrificed a bit of ingenuity or complexity, but the long jams are gone in favor of briefer sound portraits. Nightingales and Bombers included Manfred Mann's first cover of a Bruce Springsteen song, the album-opening ...

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  1. Spirits in the Night
  2. Countdown
  3. Time Is Right
  4. Crossfade
  5. Visionary Mountains
  6. Nightingales and Bombers
  7. Fat Nelly
  8. As Above, So Below
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