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A new lineup member, a new producer, and a step up to a major label added up to Anberlin's best sense of direction yet, and therefore their strongest output in their brief but prolific career. The band collaborated for three months in the studio to craft their Universal Republic debut with producer Neal Avron, who has helmed projects for Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, and New Found Glory. Being their fifth album in scarcely six years, spending so much time in the studio had its share of risks involved, particularly with new ...

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  1. The Resistance
  2. Breaking
  3. Blame Me! Blame Me!
  4. Retrace
  5. Feel Good Drag
  6. Disappear
  7. Breathe
  8. Burn Out Brighter (Northern Lights)
  9. Younglife
  10. Haight Street
  11. Soft Skeletons
  12. Miserabile Visu (Ex Malo Bonum)
  13. Mother
  14. Heavier Things Remain
  15. True Faith
  16. Said and Done
  17. A Perfect Tourniquet
  18. Feel Good Drag
  19. Anberlin Australia '09
  20. Feel Good Drag
  21. Breaking
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New Surrender
2009, Universal

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