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The Doors returned to crunching, straightforward hard rock on Morrison Hotel, an album that, despite yielding no major hit singles, returned them to critical favor with hip listeners. An increasingly bluesy flavor began to color the songwriting and arrangements, especially on the party'n'booze anthem "Roadhouse Blues." Airy mysticism was still present on "Waiting for the Sun," "Queen of the Highway," and "Indian Summer"; "Ship of Fools" and "Land Ho!" struck effective balances between the hard rock arrangements and the ...

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  1. Roadhouse Blues/Morrison]
  2. Waiting for the Sun/Morrison]
  3. You Make Me Real/Morrison]
  4. Peace Frog/Krieger]
  5. Blue Sunday/Morrison]
  6. Ship of Fools/Krieger]
  7. Land Ho!/Krieger]
  8. The Spy/Morrison]
  9. Queen of the Highway/Krieger]
  10. Indian Summer/Krieger]
  11. Maggie M'Gill/Morrison]
  12. Talking Blues/Morrison]
  13. Roadhouse Blues/Morrison]
  14. Roadhouse Blues/Morrison]
  15. Carol
  16. Roadhouse Blues/Morrison]
  17. Money Beats Soul]
  18. Roadhouse Blues/Morrison]
  19. Peace Frog/Krieger]
  20. The Spy/Morrison]
  21. Queen of the Highway/Krieger]
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Morrison Hotel [Bonus Tracks]
2007, Rhino

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