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Magpie: 20 Junkshop Pop Ads and Themes ()


Subtitled "20 Junkshop Pop Ads and Themes," this is a collection whose theme isn't easily grokked by a cursory listen, particularly for listeners outside of the U.K. The basic premise, it emerges, is to collect incidental music from 1970-1974 that sort of formed a backdrop to British pop culture of the era, drawn from TV themes, film soundtracks, ads, and indeed some actual low-budget rock releases. Almost by definition, such common-denominator stuff is much more of nostalgic value than enduring artistic merit. And Magpie ...

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  1. Intro: Come In
  2. Magpie (TV Theme to Magpie)
  3. Whole Lotta Love (TV Theme to Top of the Pops)
  4. Belfast Boy (Documentary World of Georgie Best)
  5. Hot Pants
  6. The Good Word (TV Theme to Nationwide)/Ad Break: Things Go Better
  7. TC Theme I (Advert for Ford Cars)
  8. Another Love
  9. Man of Action (TV Theme to Man of Action)
  10. Whatever Happened to You (TV Theme to Whatever Happened to the ...)
  11. Chopper
  12. Loot's the Root
  13. Thank You Baby
  14. Waiter
  15. Laughing Sam/Ad Break: It's the Real Thing
  16. The Family Theme (TV Theme to the Family)
  17. The First Time /Ad Break: South American Getaway...
  18. Tarot (TV Theme to Ace of Wands)
  19. Rumplestiltskin
  20. Spirit in the Sky
  21. Neville Thumbcatch
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Magpie: 20 Junkshop Pop Ads and Themes

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