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Lost [Original Television Soundtrack] ()


One of the things that makes Lost a remarkable television show is that it often feels like a long movie presented in hourlong installments as opposed to an episodic series. One of Lost's other remarkable attributes is its music, which, correspondingly, also feels more filmic than your average TV score. This disc collects all of Michael Giacchino's cues for the first season, as well as J.J. Abrams' "Main Title," which is a classic TV theme even though it's just 16 seconds long and its ominous drones barely qualify as music ...

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  1. Lost, television series main title
  2. The eyeland
  3. World's worst beach party
  4. Credit where credit is due
  5. Run like, um...hell?
  6. Hollywood and vines
  7. Just die already
  8. Me and my big mouth
  9. Crocodile Locke
  10. Win one for The Reaper
  11. Departing Sun
  12. Charlie hangs around
  13. Navel gazing
  14. Proper motivation
  15. Run away! Run away!
  16. We're friends
  17. Getting Ethan
  18. Thinking Clairely
  19. Locke'd Out Again
  20. Life and death
  21. Booneral
  22. Shannonigans
  23. Kate's Motel
  24. I've got a plane to catch
  25. Monsters are such innnteresting people
  26. Parting words
  27. Oceanic 815
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