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Given Alison Krauss' tremendous popularity and her status as the first female bluegrass singer to cross over into genuine pop marketability, and given the fact that her guitarist, Dan Tyminski, is the voice behind "Man of Constant Sorrow" (or at least the version that served as an idée fixe in the blockbuster movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?), a live album was inevitable. That it should be a two-disc set can simply be chalked up to good luck. Unless you're a bluegrass purist, that is, looking for music that preserves the ...

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  1. Let Me Touch You for a While
  2. Choctaw Hayride
  3. The Lucky One
  4. Baby, Now That I've Found You
  5. Bright Sunny South
  6. Every Time You Say Goodbye
  7. Tiny Broken Heart
  8. Cluck Old Hen
  9. Stay
  10. Broadway
  11. Ghost in This House
  12. Forget About It
  13. Faraway Land
  14. A Tribute to Peador O''donnell/Monkey Let the Hogs Out
  15. The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn
  16. Take Me for Longing
  17. I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow
  18. Maybe
  19. We Hide and Seek
  20. But You Know I Love You
  21. When You Say Nothing at All
  22. New Favorite
  23. Oh, Atlanta
  24. Down to the River to Pray
  25. There Is a Reason
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2002, Rounder

UPC: 011661051522


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