Just a Bad Dream: Sixty British Garage & Trash Nuggets 1981-1989 ()


The underground U.K. music scene of the early '80s was dominated by post-punk and new wave, but percolating below the surface were several scenes that looked back to the past for inspiration. Loads of bands were besotted by the garage punk sound of the mid-'60s, the rockabilly sound of the '50s, and the '60s mod scene, and when they filtered it through punk it came out sounding trashy more often than not. Cherry Red's Just a Bad Dream: Sixty British Garage & Trash Nuggets 1981-1989 gathers up the various threads of this ...

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  1. Little by Little
  2. Submarine Song
  3. Next Time Around
  4. June Rhyme
  5. Hup Two Three Four
  6. What I Want
  7. Just a Bad Dream
  8. A Glimpse
  9. Writhing on the Shagpile
  10. Go Gorilla
  11. I Hear Noises
  12. The Whole World Is Turning Brouchard!
  13. Drive Me Wild]
  14. Get What I Can
  15. Little Miss Misfit
  16. Dirty Jean
  17. 125
  18. Stroll On
  19. Mr. Unreliable
  20. Just Call Me Sky
  21. You Can't Polish a Turd
  22. The Munsters Theme
  23. Vegetable Man
  24. Ride This Torpedo
  25. Don't Let Her Dark Your Door
  26. The Crusher
  27. Talk
  28. I Want That Girl
  29. I Don't Care
  30. Swamp Thing
  31. What's Happening
  32. And in England They're Going Mental
  33. Livin' in My Own Nightmare
  34. Fever in My Pocket
  35. Nervous Breakdown
  36. I Know You Lied
  37. One More Letter
  38. Waiting Nation
  39. The Dead
  40. Young Blood
  41. You Weren't Born You Were Created
  42. Brand New Cadillac
  43. Don't Be Sorry
  44. Too Far Gone
  45. No Great Shakes
  46. Rock and Roll Traitor
  47. He Tells Me He Loves Me
  48. La Juice
  49. Garbagebrain
  50. Leave Me Alone
  51. My Emancipation
  52. Shelter From the Rain
  53. Plutonium Mind Shock
  54. The Curse
  55. So It's Not to Be
  56. Farmer John
  57. The Hell Train
  58. Hellhag Shuffle
  59. Ringing in My Ears
  60. This Is the End of the World
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Just a Bad Dream: Sixty British Garage & Trash Nuggets 1981-1989

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