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  1. Second Down and Goal to Go
  2. Ile Brumey Wasn't Runnin' a Coon
  3. The Public School Music Class Learns a Song
  4. I'm That Country
  5. Marcel Says No School Today
  6. Peanut Boilin' Was Required
  7. Life at Route Four-Liberty Mississippi
  8. How to Back into Show Business
  9. Three Footballs in a Game Ain't Fair
  10. All About Clovis Ledbetter
  11. Marcel Wins a Bet
  12. The Ole Timey Ice Box
  13. Uncle Virsi Ledbetter
  14. Brother Sonny Goes to Church
  15. My Mama Made Biscuits
  16. The Flying Jenny
  17. King Solomon Said
  18. Signaling for a Fair Catch
  19. Little Katy Learns a Lesson
  20. What Christmas Means to Me
  21. The She Coon of Women's Lib
  22. Panama Limited
  23. The Time We Played Clemson
  24. Marcel Is in Trouble
  25. Mr. Duval Scott
  26. Home in the Country
  27. U.S. Exports
  28. Ole Slantface
  29. The New Fad
  30. My Pet Peeve
  31. Marcel's Invasion
  32. The Young People of Today
  33. All Right
  34. A New Bull
  35. In High Cotton
  36. Be Yourself
  37. The Maddest Man I Ever Saw
  38. The Dog and the Bear
  39. Holding Pattern
  40. Huntin' with a Wheel Barrow
  41. The Fish and the Edsel
  42. The Inventory
  43. Computer Pilot
  44. Dove Huntin'
  45. Mr. Doogah
  46. Hi-Ball and the Coon
  47. The Christian Bear
  48. Southern Humor
  49. The Hitch Hiker
  50. Clovis' Suit
  51. Two Burnt Ears
  52. The Wealthy Texan
  53. You're on My List
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