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  1. Suite for keyboard (Suite de piece), Vol.1, No.5 in E major ("The Harmonious Blacksmith"), HWV 430: The Harmonius Blacksmith (Variations)
  2. Canzone alla Francese, for organ
  3. Cinque Versi Spirituali: Verso IV
  4. Herzog Moritz-Tanz, for organ
  5. Choral prelude for organ ("O Welt, ich muß dich lassen (I)"), Op. posth. 122/3
  6. Exultet Cellum Laudibus, with a meane (from the Mulliner Book)
  7. Work(s): A Voluntary, for organ
  8. Come Down, O Love Divine, for choir & organ
  9. Magnificat in C minor (for trebles)
  10. Sarabande con partite, for keyboard in C major, BWV 990
  11. Rondo - Allegretto
  12. Pieces (5), for harmonium, FWV 26: Petite Offertoire
  13. Pieces (32) for flute-clock, H. 19/1-32: Allegro for a Musical Clock
  14. Toccata for organ (with Usignoli) (15th century, Pistoia)
  15. Erhalt uns, Herr, bei deinem Wort (I), chorale prelude for organ, BWV 1103 (BC K181) (Neumeister Chorale No. 14)
  16. Lord, keep us steadfast in Your Word, hymn
  17. Suite for keyboard (Suite de piece), Vol.2, No.8 in G major, HWV 441: Air
  18. Impromptu for organ
  19. Miniatures, 30 pieces for organ: No. 1
  20. Miniatures, 30 pieces for organ: No. 4
  21. Miniatures, 30 pieces for organ: No. 15
  22. Miniatures, 30 pieces for organ: No. 28
  23. Suite de Noëls No. 2: No. 1, Votre bonté grand dieu
  24. Quattro pezzi for trumpet & organ: Monologo - Preambolo - Dialogo - Cantilene
  25. Toccata for organ
  26. Variations on Home Sweet Home, for organ
  27. Praeludium Pastorale for organ
  28. Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones, hymn (arr. of "Lasst Uns Erfreuen")
  29. Postlude for organ in C
  30. Preludes and Fugues (3) for organ, Op. 109: Prelude & Fugue in G major
  31. Herzlich lieb hab ich dich, o Herr, chorale prelude for organ, BWV 1115 (BC K188) (Neumeister Chorale No. 26)
  32. Work(s), Toccata(s) for organ, T. 231-247: Unspecified Toccata in C major
  33. Auf, auf, mein Herz, mit Freuden, partita for organ
  34. Little Prelude for organ No. 6 in C major
  35. Mass for the parishes (Messe des Paroisses), for organ: Sanctus: Récit de Cornet
  36. Toccata planyavska, for organ
  37. Offertory on "O Filii" for organ, Op. 49/2
  38. Prelude on an Old Folk Tune for organ ("The Fair Hills of Eire;" revision of Op. 91)
  39. O Gott wir danken deiner Güt, for organ
  40. The Babson Rag, for organ
  41. Amazing Grace for organ
  42. Love Divine, All Loves Excelling, hymn
  43. Organ Sonata No. 6 in D minor/D major, Op. 65/6
  44. Jesus, Priceless Treasure, hymn
  45. Fanfare for Concert Use, for organ
  46. Pieces (3) for organ
  47. Fughetta for organ in A major
  48. Andante with Variations for organ in D major
  49. Sortie for organ
  50. Invocations (5) for organ, No. 2, O clemens! O pia!
  51. Invocations (5) for organ, No. 1, Stella Matutina
  52. Invocations (5) for organ, No. 5, Electa ut Sol
  53. Organ Sonata (Trio), Op. 18/2: 1st movement
  54. Toccata on Fortunatus, for organ
  55. Improvisation on a submitted theme, for organ
  56. O Heilige Geest, O Heilige God, for organ
  57. Toccata: Energetic, for organ (from A Sketchbook of Voices: the Organist's Diary)
  58. Offertoire on Il est né le divin enfant, for organ
  59. Scherzando for organ in A minor, Op. 27
  60. Etudes (4) for organ: Taiga
  61. Etudes (4) for organ: Sempervirens
  62. Partita on Old Hundredth, for organ
  63. Work(s): Unspecified Praeludium in G minor for organ
  64. Come Down, O Love Divine
  65. Herr Christ, der einig Gottes Sohn (I), chorale prelude for organ, BWV 601 (BC K30) (Orgel-Büchlein No. 3)
  66. Der Tag, der ist so freudenreich (I), chorale prelude for organ, BWV 605 (BC K34) (Orgel-Büchlein No. 7)
  67. Jesu, meine Freude (I), chorale prelude for organ, BWV 610 (BC K39) (Orgel-Büchlein No. 12)
  68. Wir Christenleut' (I), chorale prelude for organ, BWV 612 (BC K41) (Orgel-Büchlein No. 14)
  69. Premier livre d'orgue
  70. Ach Gott, wie manches Herzeleid, chorale prelude for organ: Excerpt
  71. Aria and 10 Variations, for keyboard in C major, BuxWV 246
  72. Chorale Improvisation on "Victimae Paschali," for organ
  73. Esquisses (3) for organ, Op. 41: Nos. 2 & 3
  74. Toccata for keyboard in A minor
  75. Scherzo, Dance & Reflection, for organ
  76. Hymn Prelude, for organ
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