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Here Come the ABC's [CD/DVD] ()


They Might Be Giants have always had a flair for educational songs. More than a decade after its release, the refrain of "Why Does the Sun Shine" ("The sun is a mass of incandescent gas/A gigantic nuclear furnace") still has a pesky way of lodging itself in the brain. And, as the band's wonderful first children's album, No!, demonstrated, They Might Be Giants' music speaks to kids in a way that few other bands' work can; they never sound like they're talking (or singing) down to their smaller fans. Here Come the ABCs makes ...

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  1. Here Come the Abcs
  2. Alphabet of Nations
  3. E Eats Everything
  4. Flying V
  5. Q U
  6. Go for G!
  7. Pictures of Pandas Painting
  8. D & W
  9. Fake-Believe
  10. Can You Find It?
  11. The Vowel Family
  12. Letter/Not a Letter
  13. Alphabet Lost and Found
  14. I C U
  15. Letter Shapes
  16. Who Put the Alphabet in Alphabetical Order?
  17. Rolling O
  18. L M N O
  19. C Is for Conifer
  20. Fake-Believe (Type B)
  21. D Is for Drums
  22. Z y X
  23. Goodnight My Friends
  24. Clap Your Hand
  25. Here in Higglytown (Theme to Playhouse Disney's Higglytown Heroes)
  26. Hovering Sombrero '05
  27. I Never Go to Work
  28. Here Come the Abcs
  29. Alphabet of Nations
  30. E Eats Everything
  31. Flying V
  32. I Am a Robot
  33. Q U
  34. Go for G!
  35. Pictures of Pandas Painting
  36. D & W
  37. Fake-Believe
  38. Can You Find It?
  39. Introducing the Vowel Family
  40. The Vowel Family
  41. A to Z
  42. Letter/Not a Letter
  43. Latter Shapes
  44. Alphabet Lost and Found
  45. I C U
  46. I Am a Robot (Type B)
  47. John and John Introduce...
  48. Who Put the Alphabet in Alphabetical Order?
  49. Rolling O
  50. Z y X
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