Girolamo Frescobaldi, John Cage: Songs of Irrelevance and Passion ()

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There is substantial overlap between the fields of early music and contemporary music, and the performances on this release by the Luxembourgeois vocal group cantoLX and conductor Frank Agsteribbe are fully adequate. Indeed, Agsteribbe achieves a novel sound in the short songs of Frescobaldi: in contrast to the large, operatic continuo groups that have been used in this repertory, he restricts the continuo to harpsichord and theorbo. This produces a clean effect that puts the focus on the singers and remains true to the ...

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  1. Arie musicali Bk.1 No. 2, Degnati, o gran Fernando, for solo voice
  2. Arie musicali Bk.1 No. 1, Signor, c'hora fra gli ostri, for solo voice
  3. Arie musicali Bk.1 No.15, Se l'aura spira, in 3 sections for solo voice
  4. Arie musicali Bk.1 No.17, Se m'amate io v'adoro, for 2 voices
  5. Song Books Volumes I & II (Solos for Voice 3-92), for solo voice: Solo for voice No. 53 (Aria 2B)
  6. Arie musicali Bk.1 No.16, Cosi mi disprezzate, aria di Passacaglia for voice & orchestra
  7. Arie musicali Bk.1 No. 9, Donna, siam rei di morte, for solo voice
  8. Arie musicali Bk.1 No. 8, Se l'onde ohimé, aria for solo voice
  9. Arie musicali Bk.1 No.11, Troppo sotto due stelle, aria for solo voice
  10. Work(s): Solo for voice No. 15 / The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs
  11. Arie musicali Bk.1 No.23, Con dolcezza e pietate, canzona for alto, tenor & bass
  12. Arie musicali Bk.1 No. 7, Dunque dovrò del puro servir mio (Aria di Romanesca), in 4 sections for solo voice
  13. Arie musicali Bk.1 No.20, Dove, dove ne vai pensiero, canzone for 2 voices
  14. Arie musicali Bk.2 No. 7, Voi partite mio sole, aria for solo voice
  15. Arie musicali Bk.1 No.22, Corilla danzando, canzone for 2 voices
  16. Arie musicali Bk.1 No.10, Entro nave dorata, aria for solo voice
  17. Arie musicali Bk.1 No.18, Begli occhi io non provo, song for 2 voices
  18. Arie musicali Bk.1 No.19, Occhi che sete, aria for 2 voices
  19. Song Books Volumes I & II (Solos for Voice 3-92), for solo voice: Solo for voice No. 27 / Solo for voice No. 30 / Solo for voice No. 34
  20. Arie musicali Bk.1 No. 6, A piè della gran croce (Maddalena alla Croce), for solo voice
  21. Arie musicali Bk.1 No. 4, Dove, dove, Signor quieto ricetto, for solo voice
  22. Arie musicali Bk.1 No. 5, Dopo si lungo error, for solo voice
  23. Work(s): Solo for voice No. 52 (Aria 2) / Aria
  24. Arie musicali Bk.1 No.12, Non mi negate, ohimè, aria for solo voice
  25. Arie musicali Bk.1 No.13, Di Licori un Guardo, song for solo voice (2 settings)
  26. Arie musicali Bk.1 No.21, Eri gia tuta mia, canzone for 2 voices
  27. Arie musicali Bk.1 No. 3, Ardo, e taccio il mio mal, for solo voice
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Girolamo Frescobaldi, John Cage: Songs of Irrelevance and Passion
2013, EtCetera Records

UPC: 8711801014487


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