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Fontanelle ()


Babes in Toyland's most focused and powerful statement, Fontanelle was vaguely associated with grunge upon its release, and tossed in with the Pacific Northwest-centered riot grrrl movement after the fact. In truth, it lies somewhere in between, its raw punkish fury and metallic grind making it the spiritual kin of L7. Fontanelle isn't necessarily explicitly feminist, since the glorious noise of rock & roll is viewed as the ultimate empowerment. And that noise is all over Fontanelle -- it's arguably the harshest, most ...

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  1. Bruise Violet
  2. Right Now
  3. Bluebell
  4. Handsome and Gretel
  5. Blood
  6. Magick Flute
  7. Won't Tell
  8. Quiet Room
  9. Spun
  10. # Jungle Train
  11. Pearl
  12. Real Eyes
  13. Mother
  14. Gone
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