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Oh Sees' 2017 album Smote Reverser seemed at the time of its release to be just about as far as the band could push their combination psychedelic-metal-prog-jazz-garage sound before it might split into a million pieces. It was hard to imagine that John Dwyer and company could twist, fold, or mangle things any more than they were or that they could add more elements without capsizing the rollicking ship entirely. Face Stabber puts a lie to those preconceptions -- not only does the band take another step further out into ...

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  1. The Daily Heavy
  2. The Experimenter
  3. Face Stabber
  4. Snickersnee
  5. Fu XI
  6. Scutum & Scorpius
  7. Gholü
  8. Poisoned Stones
  9. Psy-ops Dispatch
  10. S.S. Lukers Mom
  11. Heartworm
  12. Together Tomorrow
  13. Captain Loosely
  14. Henchlock
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Face Stabber
2019, Castle Face

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