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Some bands get more polished and approachable over the passage of time, either in a bid to reach a wider audience or simply as a product of having played together enough to develop a greater level of technical skill. Unwound, however, started out abrasive and challenging, and they stayed that way with a bloody-minded determination through most of their career, and when they did decide to approach a less punishing sound on their final album, they did so in a way that was as much of a challenge to listeners as their more ...

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  1. Data
  2. Laugh Track
  3. Meet the Plastics
  4. The World is Flat
  5. Sonata for Loudspeakers
  6. NO TECH!
  7. Side Effects of Being Tired
  8. Lifetime Achievement Award
  9. What Went Wrong
  10. We Invent You
  11. Look a Ghost
  12. December
  13. Treachery
  14. Terminus
  15. Demons Sing Love Songs
  16. Off this Century
  17. One Lick Less
  18. Scarlette
  19. October All Over
  20. Freeze
  21. Radio Gra
  22. Below the Salt
  23. Who Cares
  24. Mile Me Deaf
  25. The Light at the End of the Tunnel is a Train
  26. Solo Sonata
  27. XLNT
  28. Laszlo
  29. Torch Song
  30. Meet the Plastics
  31. The World is Flat
  32. Empire
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2015, Numero Group

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